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  • Suffering from aches and pain? Holistic health can help.

  • Looking to address chronic conditions naturally? Learn about Functional Medicine.

  • Having trouble losing weight? Let’s discuss nutrition and possibly the Shape ReClaimed program.

  • Fighting digestive complications? There are natural remedies for that.

  • Sleep deprived? Let’s address that quickly!

With our wide variety of testing options, natural remedies, products and programs, we can address your wellness goals and create a roadmap to heal your body and restore your natural health.

Let's remove the roadblocks keeping you from vibrant health and get you looking and feeling great again!

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Conditions We Treat

When your body is ‘out-of-balance’, its important to listen to its indications and ask ‘what’s not right’, rather than ‘what’s wrong’? If we listen to what the body is trying to tell us, we can create a plan to bring your body back into balance. The conditions that can be treated with Functional Medicine include but are not limited to:

Let's attain your total health transformation together.

Dr. Beth Bartlett, DC, IFMCP

“I knew from an early age I wanted to become a doctor.  I grew up in a funeral home and was fascinated by science.  Those formative years made an impression on me; caring for people came naturally.  Wanting to help people stay well and overcome illness; I love figuring out what is blocking my patients from living their best, healthiest life.  There is something deeply transformative in seeing someone who has ‘tried everything’ break through and achieve results.”

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Dr. Beth Bartlett


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