There are many benefits to using the SHAPE ReClaimed program. The most obvious benefit is to lose weight. However, I particularly like it for my functional medicine practice because it is in line with the principles of holistic health and healing.

The SHAPE ReClaimed program may be a great weight management strategy, but the #1 reason I recommend SHAPE ReClaimed is that it is fantastic at reducing chronic inflammation! These days it seems that everyone is experiencing some form of chronic inflammation. I’ve found that the SHAPE ReClaimed program can be used as the first line of defense when meeting new patients and isolating some chronic inflammation issues.

#1 Benefit of SHAPE ReClaimed – Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is an underlying cause of many common conditions and symptoms, such as diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, and even reduce pain. Chronic pain can be caused by too much (chronic) inflammation in your body. Many people find they have increased mobility and reduced pain as their inflammation is reduced.

You can read more about chronic inflammation here and on the BLOG.

#2 Benefit of SHAPE – Weight Loss

The SHAPE Program can safely help you lose weight. A DETOX is part of the program. Many find that when they clear their body of toxins, they reduce inflammation and lose weight. The program is based on helping you select healthy food choices for your body and your lifestyle. The program is customized to your needs and your lifestyle with a certified SHAPE ReClaimed practitioner like Dr. Beth Bartlett.

More Benefits of SHAPE ReClaimed

  • Enhanced Immune Function – Your immune system will strengthen when you begin to reduce inflammation and go through the detox.
  • Improved Sleep – Sleep problems can be caused by the toxins in your body. The mild detox helps many with sleep issues.
  • Energy Boost – Many people report that they experience a major shift in their energy level. Some have even said that they have more energy than they’ve ever had before.
  • Balance – SHAPE has even helped balance blood sugar, cholesterol, hormones, and much more!

With the help of your certified SHAPE practitioner, Dr. Beth, you may see that reducing chronic inflammation and healthy weight management can help decrease or eliminate some medication dependency!

Reduce inflammation with the SHAPE Program and start feeling good in your body again!