Immune System / Chronic Fatigue

What it is:

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is commonly accompanied by debilitating fatigue (extreme exhaustion and poor stamina), neurological issues, and flu-like symptoms.

Some common symptoms can include:

Headaches, tender lymph nodes, fatigue and weakness, muscle and joint aches, inability to concentrate

How to treat:

Assessment of past acute and chronic infections, maladaptation to stress and heavy metal toxicity should be considered.

Functional Testing

The organic acids test (OAT) provides a comprehensive assessment of the body’s biochemical balance by measuring 76 metabolic byproducts in the urine, assessing:


Intestinal health
Mold/yeast overgrowth
Bacterial balance
Neurotransmitter supply
Mitochondrial efficiency (energy production)
Vitamin deficiency
Metabolic stress
Fatty acid metabolism
Oxalate markers
Oxidative stress
Toxin exposure
Muscle function


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