Blood Sugar Imbalance Diagnosis & Treatment

A blood sugar imbalance is one of the many conditions we treat with holistic health services

treat blood sugar imbalances holistically
Blood sugar imbalances are often at the root of chronic health problems such as diabetes, hormone disruption, insulin resistance, thyroid conditions, adrenal fatigue, and much more. Both low blood sugar and high blood sugar can cause problems. You can maintain a healthy balance with functional medicine, a low glycemic diet, and specific lifestyle changes.

Possible Symptoms

When your blood sugar levels are not within the normal range, individuals may experience fatigue, frequent urination, increased thirst, irritability, weakness, blurred vision, and headaches.

What is a blood sugar imbalance?

Blood sugar imbalance is a problem with improper insulin and leptin signaling.

“Metabolic Syndrome” or “Syndrome X” is a condition characterized by insulin resistance (and leptin resistance) which can lead to abnormally high lipid and cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, abnormally high blood sugar, and increased blood clotting tendencies. These conditions can be an indication of impending heart disease.

Balancing Your Blood Sugar

Functional medicine and holistic remedies focus on the root cause(s) of blood sugar imbalance symptoms. The first step is to conduct a proper evaluation of bloodwork and a full cardiometabolic workup is of utmost importance. Based on the lab results and a person’s issues, lifestyle, and personal needs one or more holistic remedies such as diet, nutrition, meditation, homeopathy, supplementation, herbs, etc. will be presented.

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