It has been well documented that optimal Vitamin D levels (above 60 ng/mL) are crucial in supporting the immune system and fighting infection, among many other benefits.

It is always best to have your Vitamin D level assessed and then modify your dosage accordingly.  I take 7000-8000 IU/daily and my level is still a little low, in the high 50’s.  Unless you live in the southern states, you do not get enough Vitamin D from sunlight, especially in the winter months.

The Solray D Liposome Spray is the most bioavailable form on hand in the office.  In general, liposomal supplements are able to bypass the digestive tract and get absorbed directly into the bloodstream.  Also, Vitamin K is in this formula, which allows the calcium to be directed to the bones and the teeth, instead of the arteries and blood vessels.

Please contact me if you need to purchase (or refill your supply of) a quality, third-party tested, most bioavailable form of Vitamin D (and K) on the market!