Gas and bloating…..sound familiar?

Summer is filled with family and friends – vacations, cookouts, pool parties and fun in the sun. Sometimes, this can lead to an increase in gut-related symptoms, particularly gas and bloating.

Indulging in food and drink you generally avoid, can have a negative impact on your digestive system, in a relatively short amount of time.

Here are some ways you can support your gut for the remainder of the summer:

  • Indulge in summer gut-friendly foods: Garden-fresh produce is definitely in-season. Try to fill half of your plate with produce at each meal. The fiber and phytonutrients found in colorful fruits and veggies ‘does the body good’, especially your gut microbiome.


  • Drink water and make sure to replace electrolytes and minerals:PH ReclaimedRehydrate Liquid minerals, such as sodium, potassium zinc and chloride help open up the cells and allow water to be absorbed. Otherwise, water stays outside the cells, causing bloating, inflammation, etc. Here are a couple of links to my favorites: ReHydrate and PH ReClaimed



  • Make sure sleep is a priority: Often, travel and altered schedules can cause sleep disturbances. Enjoying summer evenings, along with food and drink you don’t normally consume can have a negative effect on sleep patterns. Make sure to prioritize sleep! And, if getting enough zzz’s is a common issue for you – let’s discuss!


  • Support your digestive system year-round with probiotics: Probiotics are the ‘good’ gut bacteria, protecting your gut lining and gut microbiome.


Glutamine Complex PLG-U Powder

  • L-glutamine: Have you heard of ‘leaky gut’? This important amino acid helps support the integrity of your gut lining and helps prevent leaky gut. 75-80% of your immune system ‘lives’ in your digestive tract, so its imperative to keep your gut lining in tip-top shape to help fight off foreign invaders, such as viruses, bacteria, etc. It is important to note: that the food and drink you consume have a huge impact on gut permeability. Here is the L-glutamine I use: Physica’s Glutamine Complex PLG-U Powder

Contact me to order any of the products to help soothe your summer gas and bloating

or schedule a consultation if you believe you have a more chronic leaky gut.