When puffy means inflammation.

Not everyone is aware of the role of inflammation in our bodies. For many, inflammation occurs as part of the healing process after an acute injury. However, chronic inflammation can last for prolonged periods of time from several months to years!  Chronic low-grade inflammation is a slow, long-term inflammation, it can lingers throughout the body and the causes can range from autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis, physical stress or even exposure to toxins among many other potential causes. Symptoms of chronic inflammation are often joint pain or stiffness, digestive problems, and fatigue – as well as being puffy.

Watch/read this testimonial.

Listen to this video testimonial (or read below) about someone who had never heard of functional medicine before but found Dr. Beth Bartlett and shares her midlife, inflammation experience with us.

Video Transcript

I connected with Dr. Beth last Fall. And not an accident that I found her.

I have been on a journey for my own self and health for the last year or two and was referred to a functional physician or functional medicine doctor and didn’t have one. I found Dr Beth accidentally or by chance.

From the first phone call she got it! All I had to say to her was “I just don’t feel good”. There’s something there that traditional medicine… I’d done all these things … there’s just something there. From the minute I met with her just she got it, she listened.

She was like three steps ahead of me on this path but I did not know that. There is just been this gentleness of how she has led me to where I am. And understood what test to give me to find out the root of the issue. Which I didn’t even know was the root of the issue.

So I’ve been working with her for several months. And I will tell you that this is the best I’ve felt in several years. And what dawned on me recently is that this isn’t just a temporary fix, this is my journey. The part of midlife that’s leading me to the next part of my life and I have to live it differently and she’s helped me see that … inflammation huge issue that I did not think about. I just thought I felt puffy. And I was just puffy. I am not puffy, or I’m puffy for a reason.

I am excited about what this is for my life because this is now the next, this is what I’ve been looking for but didn’t know I was looking for.

I would encourage, and I do I share this with everyone, please work with Dr Beth or find someone (a functional medicine doctor) like her because this has been life-changing. Life-changing to the core not just a Band-Aid fix. It’s what my life is going to be and I actually I have hope, I have energy and joy that I haven’t had. She’s wonderful!!

Another Testimonial

Reducing Puffiness from inflammation in Stage 4 CKD

“In addition to having CKD, I was experiencing chronic foot pain that my primary care, nephrologist, and podiatrist were unable to provide solutions for reducing the pain. After reviewing some comprehensive test results and getting agreement from my nephrologist, Dr. Bartlett’s recommendation of using the SHAPE drops has really helped reduce foot inflammation (my feet were really puffy). ” ~ K. Rafferty (telehealth patient in New Jersey)

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If you’re not feeling well, or feeling puffy, and have exhausted traditional avenues – consider making a telemed or in-person appointment with Functional Medicine Dr. Beth Bartlett.