Just How Important Is Checking The Urine? VERY!!!

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Functional Medicine | 0 comments

Patients actively in phase I and taking the drops need to be monitored closely. It is truly for your benefit and can help us make some important clinical decisions to help you on your journey.

10 different markers are being monitored, with 4 of them being used to spot starvation.

  1. Urobilinogen: a positive reading can indicate liver/gallbladder burden. It is rarely seen in SHAPE patients, but we need to make some changes if it is present in the urine.
  2. Bilirubin: a yellow bile pigment that normally circulates in the blood attached to protein. Indicates liver/gallbladder dysfunction. Can be easily remedied.
  3. Protein: can indicate a few different things; over-exercising, a lack of acid/enzymes in the gut, imbalance in pH, diabetes, excess protein intake.

4. Ketosis: depending on body composition and body chemistry, some patients produce ketones in the urine. This is an indication the body is burning fat vs. burning sugar. A small to moderate of ketones is acceptable. Large amounts of ketones can send a starvation signal to the brain….which is not ideal, of course. If the urinalysis indicates no ketosis and you continue to lose fat and weight, not to worry, all is well.

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