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Products Available:

5-HTP Liposome Spray
Adrenal LF
Arjuna Intrinsic
Asura Brain
Baicalin Skullcap
Bio-A Curcumin PhytoNanosome
CAMU CAMU Vitamin C Liposome
Cat’s Claw Intrinsic
Chanca Piedra
Circulo Code
Cohosh Intrinsic 1-14
CoQ10 Liposome Tincture
Dandi Intrinsic
DHEA Liposomal Drops
DIM Liposome
Dong Quai Intrinsic 1428
Drainage Milieu
Echina Intrinsic
Endo Code F
Endo Code M
Flu Milieu
GALT Fortifier
GB-40 Yuan Source
Gen Intrinsic
Ginkgo Intrinsic
Glutamine Complex PLG-U Powder
Glutathione (GSH) Liposome
Green Light Spagyric Tincture
Guggulipid Intrinsic
Gynostemma BioForce (GBF)
Hawthorn Intrinsic
Heart’s Song Milieu Liposome Spray
HepataGest Powder
HPA (Axis) LF
Hypo Zymase
Inflamma LF
Kidney Milieu
L-Arginine SR
Licro Intrinsic
Lymph 1 Acute
Lymph 2 Matrix
Lymph 3 Chronic
Maca Intrinsic
Magnesium BisGlycinate w/L-Taurine
Melatonin Liposome Spray
Methyl-B12 Liposome Spray
Mycelia Intrinsic Liposome
Myrrh Intrinsic
NAC Forte (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine)
Olive Leaf Intrinsic
Omega GOLD
Phyto Cal-Mag with Boron
Pineal Code
Pre & Post Milieu
Pregnenolone Liposomal Drops
PRP53 Code Liposome Spray
Relax Milieu
Saccharomyces boulardii Forte
Sambucus Intrinsic
Solace Milieu
Solidago Intrinsic
Solray-D Liposome Spray
Spleen Chi
Spleen LF
Symbiome CMF-50B
Temple Warrior
Throat Spray Milieu
Thymus Code
Thymus LF
Thyro Code
Thyro LF
Vita LF Capsules
Vitamin B Coenzyme Complex
Wild Oregano Oil

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