Re-invent your lunchbox for back-to-school time!

Wow, what a challenging time we are embarking upon….back-to-school……its definitely a season like no other.

One thing you can be sure about is what your kids are eating and how they are being supported nutritionally.

Healthy Lunch, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Here’s how to ensure your child’s cognitive and physical performance:

  1. Pack lunches in advance:  perhaps pack leftovers from last night’s dinner.  It helps to pack a lunch the night before, to help the morning rush run seamlessly.
  2. Involve your kids: take them shopping with you; ask them to pack their lunch and you can help.  Suggestions include:  1 serving protein, 2 servings veggie, 1 serving fruit and a snack/treat.
  3. Meal prep: prepare meals for the week ahead of time:  suggestions for food that freezes easily include:  soups, chili, stews, meatballs
  4. Make it colorful! Kids love color and variety:  leafy greens and berries are nutrient-dense
  5. Have fun and enjoy!

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