Our acupuncture services are one of many services we can use to help patients restore and maintain a state of optimal health by activating the body’s natural healing.

Why Acupuncture?

Acupuncture as a modality of healing. Some of the benefits of acupuncture are: decreasing stress, improving sleep, balancing digestion, regulating hormones, decreasing inflammation and improving mood.

More about acupuncture… It was first developed by the Chinese about 5000 years ago and is also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It utilizes single-use, sterile needles to induce the body’s natural healing response, promote circulation and support the function of each organ system.

Qi is the central underlying principle of TCM and is considered ‘life force’ or ‘energy flow’.

Qi ‘energy’ and blood are carried through acupuncture meridians/channels to provide nourishment throughout the body.  We can influence Qi at certain points along those meridians, where nerve endings and blood vessels become more superficial and accessible.
When this flow of qi and blood becomes stagnant, pain, discomfort and illness result.  Acupuncture re-establishes energy flows and brings the body back into balance.

Acupuncture FAQ's

How many treatments will I need?

When creating a treatment plan, careful consideration must be taken in the severity of your condition. Acupuncture is a cumulative healing modality, so in order for results/effects to be long-lasting, consistency of care is important.

I am scared of needles……

not uncommon and completely understandable. Acupuncture needles are small, filiform (not hollow) needles, flexible, thin, and rounded at the end, which makes for painless placement.

Can acupuncture be used to combat stress/anxiety?

Yes. A comfortable, supportive environment is created to foster a sense of calm. Stress is one of the most common conditions treated. Acupuncture allows your body to breathe, relax and rest.

Our relational, physical mental, social/emotional, and spiritual well-being has an impact on how our body integrates life experience. We create a safe space for each patient to express themselves, to be heard and to heal.