Thyroid Conditions

What it is:

Your thyroid gland is responsible for the formation of multiple thyroid hormones and the production of protein. Thyroid hormones regulate lipid metabolism, normal growth, brain development and function, blood flow and blood pressure, heart rate, and peristalsis. Thyroid hormones also increase carbohydrate uptake by the small intestine, speed up metabolism and maintain skin and hair health.


Hyperthyroid, or high thyroid hormone is almost always indicative of an autoimmune condition, Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.


Symptoms of low thyroid hormone include: Allergies, headache, irregular heartbeat, low libido, lump in throat or problems swallowing, nervousness, poor sleep

How to treat:

An in-depth assessment of 8 different thyroid hormones via bloodwork is essential. You cannot accurately determine thyroid function from testing a single hormone.

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