ANNOUNCEMENT: I am really excited to be integrating a functional medicine approach into my wellness practice.

The Functional Medicine Approach:

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease. It uses an approach that includes both the patient and practitioner. The functional medicine partnership is a therapeutic partnership.
Most physicians use lab tests to test for diseases, whereas functional medicine uses lab tests to identify trends toward disease that can be stopped, slowed, or reversed.

Why is Functional Medicine important? Here is an overview of the benefits:

1) Personalize Approach.

Functional Medicine views each person as a genetically and biochemically unique being. This approach creates personalized health care. One of the goals is to treat the individual and not the disease. Another goal is to uncover the root causes of a disease. And finally to help support the natural healing mechanisms of the body, rather than attacking disease directly.

2) Science-Based.

Functional Medicine is deeply science-based. It focuses on the connections that occur within the body. It is constantly looking at the latest research to uncover and understand the complicated network of our functioning body. When looking to uncover the root cause of a disease or problem, an in-depth, scientific approach is required. This may take more time than a traditional doctor’s visit and requires a partnership.

3) Balance.

Your body has the capacity for self-regulation of its internal systems. The first step is to look for imbalances within the body and then take steps to correct those imbalances.

4) Natural Healing.

Your body has a natural ability to heal itself. And your body has the ability to prevent diseases associated with aging. You can promote natural healing with holistic methods. Once you know the root cause of a problem or disease you can take a natural approach to the healing process with guidance from your functional medicine practitioner.

5) Vitality.

In addition to eliminating or reducing disease and improving your overall health and wellness, it is equally important to improve your vitality, your energy. Much attention is spent on improving your vitality.

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