Finding Hope and Help in Functional Medicine

Matt Portwood interviews Dr. Beth Bartlett.

“I’ve actually had great feedback from some of our clients who have come to work with you and other functional medicine providers for the first time because before that all they’ve known is going into a traditional medical practice and working with a Doctor Who’s in a traditional Medical Practice” – Matt Portwood

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August 17th  interview

Matt Portwood asked if I could introduce people to to some of the concepts of Functional Medicine and answer the question of what is functional medicine and restorative medicine some of the differences with traditional medicine. 

“If you think about a stream, it’s looking Upstream versus looking Downstream. If that makes sense or if you think about fire versus looking at what the fire produces and that’s the smoke we’re looking back at what caused the fire so looking at it otherwise known as kind of the root cause of whatever the issue might be.” – Dr. Beth Bartlett

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