packing list, travel to do listWhy worry about nutrition when traveling? It’s difficult enough to get everything and everyone packed for a summer trip. Add in preparing (or at least thinking about) healthy food/hydration, and you are on overload! Follow these four travel nutrition tips to help you remain relatively health-conscious while traveling – time, hydration, whole foods, and supplements.

1 – Give yourself plenty of time to pack/prepare:

If you are anything like me, I operate from lists. It’s helpful to think through what you need; make a list of items you need to buy at the grocery store, and be sure to order in advance the supplements and vitamins you are taking with you.

2 – Hydration:

It’s important to make sure you stay hydrated, but also to provide your body with quality fluids.

  • Pack the proper containers for water, coffee, and tea – as they are just as important as the fluid itself. I bring my stainless steel thermos with me everywhere. You can refill your thermos/glass bottle with filtered water at the airport (most airports have them now) and at the hotel (most fitness centers have filtered water stations).
  • Bring non-sugar hydration stick packs with you. It’s hard to find a good quality, clean stick pack, but my favorite is Aquon Matrix Hyper from Selina Naturally. It contains all the minerals and ions necessary for proper nutrition and cellular communication.
  • If you are a coffee/tea lover, like me, I find it easiest to bring my own. I like Purity Coffee single-serve sachets and Yogi Tea.

Physica RehydrateSometimes in addition to drinking more, it helps to take a hydration supplement especially if you are spending lots of time in the sun. We recommend ReHydrate. ReHydrate is a tincture from Physica Energetics that provides homeopathic aid in support of hydration and helps your body to utilize water better – Physica Energetics will sell this online if you communicate with us to get the password. Click here for ReHydrate.

3 – Pack clean, whole foods:

It is always difficult to find healthy food while traveling, especially when relying on restaurants and other on-the-go options. Upon arriving at my destination, I seek out a grocery store to buy some perishables. I also pack some of my favorite ‘staple’ items in my suitcase:

  • Unroasted, unsalted mixed nuts and seeds – I like cashews, pistachios, pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds. These nuts/seeds contain protein and fiber and have higher fat content for satiety.
  • Fruits – apples, oranges, berries

4 – Bring your supplement arsenal/routine along on the trip.

This will help combat stress and sleep disturbances related to travel. I like to bring my probiotic, fish oil and 5-HTP Spray, packaged in separate containers (just enough for the trip), along with some other immune support products.

Immune Charge + Box One of the supplements we recommend for travelers is the Immune Charge + Box. These shots are great for fast-acting support for seasonal immune challenges and you will lighten your travel load as you use them. Immune Charge + includes Liposomal Vitamins C, A, D, E, and K with Haschberg Elderberry. Click here to order Immune Charge + online or schedule a physical or virtual appointment to find out what supplements you should take on your trip.


Dr. Beth Bartlett is a functional medicine doctor who can help you fit optimal health practices into your lifestyle – even while on vacation!

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