Holistic Remedies and Natural Remedies

Natural healing is a non-invasive method of healing that is achieved through natural means (holistic remedies) rather than (or in addition to) conventional medicine. It’s important to assess the body as a whole; body, mind, and spirit. We are careful to listen and create a space for the body to heal and to function as a ‘well-oiled machine’. The body has the ability to heal itself if you remove the stressors and replace, repair, and rebalance the substances needed to facilitate optimal wellness and vitality. The services listed below are available and can be customized as part of your wellness plan:

Here at Holistic Health, Dr. Beth Bartlet is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner. Holistic Remedies and the service of providing them to help you obtain Holistic Health will be customized to address your health needs and may include:

Holistic Remedies include but are not limited to:

SHAPE ReClaimed

This health restoration program targets and decreases inflammation in the body and helps you change your relationship with food. It helps establish new habits and lifestyle choices and promotes using food as a means to heal the body.

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Natural Remedies / Supplements

We recommend remedies/supplements because our body NEEDS them. We simply cannot consume the volume of nutrients it takes to achieve optimal balance and wellness.

It is essential for remedies to be carefully crafted and expertly balanced to create a product that addresses the concerns of body, mind, and heart. This successful, synergistic blending of art and science results in a sound product and can yield profound results in the lives of patients.

The products/remedies we recommend are sourced from the highest quality raw materials; pharmaceutical-grade, 3rd-party tested and my patients’ treatment outcomes are nothing short of remarkable.

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Acupuncture helps re-establish the body’s flow system. It targets pain and inflammation, re-distributes the energy in the body, helps stimulate circulation in the tissues and promotes healing. Acupuncture is an effective treatment for reducing nerve and joint pain and facilitating smooth muscle relaxation.

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